Organic Yellow Corn
Organic Yellow Corn

Organic Yellow Corn

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We admit that at times we can be a bit corny and we’re proud of it almost as much as we’re proud of your organic corn.

They are great for making:

  • Homemade corn tortillas – a great setting for adding in our great black beans and some even greater tofu made from organic soybeans right here at Great Minds Organics for that perfectly great burrito (shameless plug)
  • Corn nuts (great for on-the-go snacking!)
  • Cornbread for our Southern friends
  • Brewing and distilling for our creatively thirsty friends

This isn’t just another generic piece of corn, this is straight from the farmer to your creative laboratory in the purest form. When you share your masterpiece, you know you can count on great results when you use your great organic corn!