Smiley Bros

Non-GMO Black Bean Harvest
Gordon and Jeff Smiley farm in Decatur County, IN. They have evolved the acres they farm to be all no-till and seeded with cover crops since 2011. They are reducing erosion and increasing soil health with these practices. Their soils are showing increased organic matter, more biology life within the soil and the cover crops are releasing nutrients stored within the soil to be utilized by the next crops grown. Creating a more balanced growing environment for crops is allowing for healthier plants and more nutrient dense grain production.
When comparing the Non-GMO Black Beans that the Smiley brothers grew this year with a sample of black beans off the shelf at a local grocery store, the results are clear proof that their great farming practices result in better soil, better crops, and better food for you.
Gordon and Jeff's Non-GMO Black Beans have clearly higher levels of key health elements like fiber, zinc, manganese, AND they're lower in fat content. See the test results here.
Not only do these Non-GMO Black Beans help make a meal great, they help make great health!
We at Great Minds Organics are extremely proud to work with such great farmers as the Smiley Bros bringing superior ingredients directly from the farm to your kitchen!