Seven Forks Farm

The Biver family has been farming in St. Clair County, Illinois for five generations. Through the years and across the generations they have had many roles in the local ag community. They have been grain farmers, dairy farmers, and hay producers, to name a few. Each generation seems to branch out and find their niche.  In 2019 Matt and Vanessa Biver, along with their five young children decided to try their hand at popcorn farming. It was a love of popcorn and a desire to create a new business that they could all work on and build together that led them to this decision. They are a family of seven who cherishes the time that they get to spend together. Their name “Seven Forks Farm” comes from the fact that when they gather around the dinner table, the seven of them use seven forks to enjoy their meal, while they enjoy each other’s company.