Supply Chains Shouldn't Be Complicated

Do you know where your food comes from? You should. Great Minds Organics provides superior quality ingredients while making sure every link in supply chain is adding true value to the product and its end user. You. How? We buy grain directly from the farmer who grows the grain. We then sort the grain for purity and quality in our facility which is food grade certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Then we sell clean grain product that you can take out of the package and into the cooking process. That’s it. No resellers, wholesalers, or distributors. We believe the highest value product is only a few clicks and a shipping label away from its destination – not thousands of miles and multiple changing hands. The only time our products change hands are from the farmers to us, where we sort for the most superior quality, and from us to the consumer.

Here’s an example that is relatively common in today’s supply chain. I’ll try to make a complicated process easy to understand: 

Will is farmer in Indiana. Will grows the same variety of soybeans that he has grown for the last 3 seasons because he’s familiar with them and he’s been successful in making just enough profit to continue farming and supporting his family. After a decently good growing season Will harvests the soybeans in the fall and hauls them to Bob’s elevator in the town nearby – Bob pays Will a fair market for his soybeans and Will’s soybeans are mixed with many different varieties of beans grown by many other farmers in the area. Bob sells Will’s beans, and everyone else’s beans, to Mike’s company who has a grain elevator in Ohio where they, again, mix the Indiana beans with beans from Ohio as well as some from Illinois that Bob bought earlier that year.

Joey’s Soy Milk Plant is in Virginia and sometimes Joey buys his soybeans from Mike.  Tim’s Soy Sauce Factory is also in Virginia and Tim buys soybeans from Mike if the price is agreeable. Mike is running out of storage space at his elevator and wants to sell some the soybeans he’s bought from Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio so he calls Joey and Tim. Mike sells most of his soybeans to Joey and the rest of them to Tim.

Remember Will, our farmer from Indiana? Will’s beans, and everyone’s beans from Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio, get mixed together at Mike’s elevator then separated for their different destinations where some end up on the shelves as Tim’s Soy Sauce and others in the refrigerated section as Joey’s Soy Milk.

Sarah, a self-starter who loves making homemade tofu for her neighbors at the nearby commercial kitchen, grabs a carton of Joey’s Soy Milk for making her tofu and sets it next to a bottle of Tim’s Soy Sauce and continues shopping. That evening at the commercial kitchen, Sarah finishes pressing her last batch of tofu for the evening and grabs a few bites to taste test. She dabs her tofu in a small bowl of Tim’s Soy Sauce and tucks in. As she enjoys the fruits of her labor, she ponders the day and how wonderful it is that she knows where her tofu comes from… Then she starts thinking deeper. “It’s nice knowing where the tofu is made, but where did the soy milk come from? And what about this soy sauce? I wonder who grew the soybeans that made the ingredients I’m using?” Sarah wonders. 

A bit confusing and overwhelming, right? Now, let’s get to know the Great Minds Organics supply chain.

Will is a farmer. Will called Pete after seeing an add online for Great Minds Organics and the Non-GMO Soybean program they offer to farmers. Will decides to grow a specific variety of Non-GMO Soybeans that is a high-protein soybean specifically chosen to make great food like tofu, soy milk, tempeh, and more. After a reasonably good growing season Will harvests the Non-GMO Soybeans in the fall and hauls them to Pete’s GFSI certified facility. Pete pays Will a fair market price plus an additional premium for growing Pete’s requested high-protein variety of Non-GMO Soybeans. Pete thanks Will for doing such a great job growing the Non-GMO Soybeans and says how excited he is to share where those soybeans end up going.

Sarah, a self-starter who loves making homemade tofu for her neighbors at the nearby commercial kitchen, is scrolling through Facebook when she sees an add for superior quality Non-GMO Soybeans asking “Do you know where your food comes from? You Should.” She clicks the link to and begins to learn how soybeans can be more than just a commodity. Sarah reads how Great Minds Organics only buys selected varieties of superior quality Non-GMO Soybeans directly from the farmer, rather than buying any old soybean from resellers and mixing and blending soybeans from all over the country to try to meet generic quality specifications.

Sarah also reads how these great Non-GMO Soybeans are sorted for purity and quality in Pete’s GFSI facility and shipped from that facility directly to Sarah where she can make her own soy milk and tofu using those superior quality, high-protein Non-GMO Soybeans that were grown by Will, sorted by Pete at Great Minds Organics. And that’s it.

Sarah buys 5 lbs of the Non-GMO Soybeans to see if they really are superior in quality and excitedly waits for her next batch of great tofu she will make with the Non-GMO Soybeans from Great Minds Organics. A couple days later, there’s a knock on Sarah’s door and she rushes out to receive the latest improvement to her tofu recipe. She opens the box to see her 5 pound package of wonderfully clean Non-GMO Soybeans and a card that says, “Sarah, thanks for trusting Great Minds Organics to bring you only the most superior quality Non-GMO Soybeans, grown by Will, one of our Great Farmers in Indiana! We hope you are as excited about these as we are, and we can’t wait to see the wonderful creations you make! Please share them with us so we can help you share them with the world!”. Sarah takes the newest batch to one of her long-time customers and tells the story of how she bought the Non-GMO Soybeans from Great Minds Organics and that they were sorted for quality and purity in a GFSI certified facility. Not only that, but she now knows the farmer, Will, who grew the soybeans in Indiana. She takes a few pictures of her newest recipe using the tofu made from great Non-GMO Soybeans and tags @GreatMindsOrganics on her Facebook post. Later that night, she gets a notification on her phone from @GreatMindsOrganics who reposted her photo of the recipe and a direct message personally asking if she wanted to share it on the Great Minds Organics website so they could show Will how important his skills as a farmer are to Sarah and her customers. This brings a smile to Sarah’s face and comfort knowing exactly where her ingredients are coming from and every step along the way. The next day, Pete shows Will the masterpiece that Sarah created using tofu made from Non-GMO Soybeans grown by Will. Will chuckles and thanks Pete for sharing with him and comments that he’s never truly known where his soybeans go in the food chain from start to finish before.   

So the question is; Do you want food that’s been grown on Will’s farm in Indiana, to Ohio, mixed with grain from multiple farms in multiple states, then shipped to Virginia and divided between multiple manufacturers before making it to Sarah’s commercial kitchen with no way of knowing who’s beans she’s using for her tofu?

Or do you want food that’s been grown on Will’s farm, then cleaned in Great Mind Organics certified food grade facility, sold to Sarah and made into her fantastic tofu? Great Minds Organics removes all unnecessary steps to get great food grown by great farmers in the hands of great customers and shares every step along the way with our customers.

This blog could have been much shorter just by sticking to the Great Minds Organics supply chain.

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