Better Black Beans

The results are in and the evidence is clear - our Non-GMO Black Beans were placed next to generic, store-bought black beans and scored significantly higher in multiple key elements that are extremely important for overall health. Here is an easy-to-read list of reasons why Great Minds Organics provides superior quality products to feed you and your family. Our great farmers, the Smiley Bros. in Decatur County, IN have been using farming practices to increase soil health which increases plant health and makes your food healthier!

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Recommended Daily Intake per Serving (35g)
Average black beans* Great Minds Organics Non-GMO Black Beans % Greater
Calcium  4% 4% 0%
Iron  15% 15% 0%
Potassium 10% 10% 0%
Phosphorus   10% 15% 33%
Magnesium 15% 15% 0%
Manganese 15% 35% 57%
Copper  40% 45% 11%
Zinc  8% 10% 20%
Molybdenum  230%** 280% 22%
*data taken from USDA data base
** independent test of average product


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